Sistema Museale – Regione Umbria

The Umbria Region with L.R. n. May 18, 2004, n. 5 has regulated its own identity system and correct application of it in terms of color, legibility, reproducibility and use.

In the relational evolution of systems and communication tools, also to a regional brand (trademark law), it is required to interpret and be the bearer of a system of shared values, cultural references, trends and changes typical of a territory like Umbria.

For this reason it was necessary to proceed with a further development of the System of regional Identity, starting from its identification elements (the three candles of Gubbio), is able to develop a renewed register, synthetic and emotional, as well as a system in which the design is not commemoration but above relationship, sharing values ​​and mediation between the multiple points of our territory.

The seal between the symbols of the region represents, for his strong communication skills, the most suitable instrument to reassert regional identity and to bring unity to the communication and the dynamism of the various territorial values.

Therefore just starting and the Seal was elaborated a concept design, of those values ​​that best identify the region (museums, entertainment, libraries, agriculture, parks, etc.) and who need a tool identifier can interpret roles and values which can not be defined simply “institutional”.

This first phase was followed by the final design on the system of communication of Umbrian museums and parks by processing both the line of application and the application of the seal for promotional and administrative / institutional.

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