Listone Giordano

The partnership with Listone Giordano brand is based on a continuous working relationship that has been established for over twenty years. In this particular case, our work has grown and changed by the evolution of the Margaritelli company products. Over the years, we have defined the entire corporate visual identity for the whole group’s brands: Listone Giordano, Margaritelli Railway division and Foundation Guglielmo Giordano.

Therefore, thanks to the relationship established with the Umbrian company Margaritelli, world wide leader of wooden-flooring industry, we coined “Autentity design” approach. A global design methodology that starts from visual design to reach communication strategies, marketing, exhibition spaces, retail environments, guidelines for new products, physical and virtual advertising campaigns.

A continuous research path of “Autentity”, which needs to be considered as such of long time, passion and dialogue.

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