Fontanot is an important Italian company in the furniture industry, facing a period of transition and repositioning. A product not easy to illustrate, because usually lived as a necessity and not as a choice.

Our work focused on a reposition strategy that would put a strong emphasis on the attitude of the company towards the design and certification of product quality as cornerstones for the customer.

Strategic actions and planning focused on company naming, through its strong simplification. The old ‘Albini & Fontanot’ mark has now simply become Fontanot. We design a corporate font and from it we create also the new corporate brand and visual identity system. Which starts from the kinetic optical obtained by the rotation of the spiral staircase and translates it into a geometric shape and color of generative featuring all printed.

Then, we redesign also the flag store, therefore defining the new retail identity, through modular display structures that can adapt to any business environment.

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